Summary of "Martin Eden"

Martin Eden is a 21-year-old sailor, as a result of an accidental opportunity, he has known Ruth, falls in love to her, and to her family, her life. He starts to think oneself and between Ross has the huge disparity, in order to enable oneself to match on her, he must upward crawl diligently. Ruth helps him to study writing. Martin writes 40 drafts unceasingly circle throughout in various magazine company. He dosen't understand why his own work aren't accepted, but these have a liking for the spiritless thing always to be able to publish in the publication. He looks for Ruth, reads his work to her, asks her to judge. Ruth does not appreciate his work also. After repeatedly is defeated Martin still to persist to write, which causes him and Ross has the fissure. Ruth has lost confidence gradually to him, but Martin still attacks her side upper society people. Martin see Ruth and her family clearly. Once, they participates in the time which the socialist party person assembles by a tabloid reporter confusedly is interpolated in the report, becomes the anarchism leader, encounters the isolation and besieges. Ruth leaves Martin then. The only real friend of Martin, Brissenden, is dead now. At this time, a huge change happens in his life that the publication magazine starts to use his work actually. The publishing house in order to his reputation has also accepted he all sorts of harsh requests, he became the famous writer. He can’t understand that these works all are already finish, they haven't been changed as well as Martin himself. Why does everybody flatter him today? Finally, Ruth comes back. But Martin is completely discouraged. He is so disappointed that he tells her he doesn't want to see her any more. He no longer writes a character. He leaves all his money to his sister and his laundry room partner Egypt. Then he goes on a ship and jumps into the sea.

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Thank you for the summary of the book, it has been quite hard to get such a specific summary of Marin Eden. Thumbs up.